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tánctér szívből nektek

Kedves Jegyespár! 

   Ha idén tartjátok az esküvőtöket, amit szeretnétek felejthetetlenné tenni, keressetek bizalommal minket és segítünk benne.

   LED tánctér, ami feldobja és emlékezetessé varázsolja az esküvőtöket.

   Célunk köztudatba juttatni Magyarországon ezt a LED táncparkettet. Amit szeretnénk elérni, hogy a közös életetek legfontosabb napját ill. eseményét a legtökéletesebbé varázsolni és kivitelezni. 

   Több különböző effekttel is dolgozunk, hogy még szuperebbé és különlegessé tehessük a kreatív vagy a csoportos fotózást, a bevonulást az oltárig vagy a kimondott IGEN után a kivonulást, a nyitótáncot, a tortavágást, a menyecske- vagy a menyasszonytáncot, a mulatást.

   Mindent amit megálmodsz, mi azon leszünk, hogy megvalósítsuk!

22 év szakmai tapasztalat áll mögöttünk.

Kérdéseket, kéréseket szeretettel várjuk!


  • For which events is it possible to request the LED dance floor?
    We recommend it for all events where we can comply with safety regulations.
  • On what surface can the LED dance floor be placed?
    The LED dance floor is hard, horizontal or can be placed on a straight surface. Therefore, it cannot be set up on its own at events with grass and tents, so it is necessary to select a suitable area for this. If necessary, we can provide stage elements, for an additional cost, within the framework of a unique price offer.
  • How high is the LED dance floor?
    The LED floor is 7 cm high, which includes a so-called closing ramp, which reduces the level difference at a certain angle by approx. 45° equalizes.
  • Can the brightness of the dance floor be adjusted?
    Yes. The dance floor has LED technology lighting, which is controlled by a DMX signal, so it is possible to dim it as needed. In what shape can the dance floor be placed? The dance floor can be laid out as a square, rectangle or a combination of these. If a unique request arises, we always consult with the customer and, if possible, realize his ideas.
  • Apart from the LED dance floor, what visual elements do you work with?
    - LED dance floor - LED column - heavy and geyser smoke machines - spark plugs - bubble blowing machines
  • What colors can the LED columns be rented in?
    There are completely black (recommended for stages) and completely white (recommended for weddings) versions of our LED columns. Also, if required, we can transfer the black hood to the columns with the white housing and vice versa, thus even two additional color combinations are available.
  • What is the consumption of the devices?
    Each of our devices has a different consumption. If you order our service, we always calculate the maximum current consumption of our devices and agree whether there is enough power available for operation at the given location.
  • Can only package offers be used?
    No. Of course, if none of our package offers are suitable, we can also put together sets according to individual needs, for which our permanent price list can provide a rough indication of the expected total amount.
  • What does one occasion mean?
    That's why we don't list daily prices, because most of the events we participate in slide from one day to the next. (For example, from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. the next day) In such cases, we do not charge a fee for two days, but an occasional fee. Of course, if the event lasts two nights, it is already two occasions. (One session is therefore a maximum of 24 hours, but an average event includes 6-10 hours)
  • What does the technical staff cover?
    Depending on the size of the event, the technical staff means one or more specialists who are on site throughout the event and manage the devices installed by us and resolve any errors that may arise.
  • Why does the technician fee vary?
    An average event is 6-10 hours long, like a normal work shift, but if we exceed this time, in this case we also pay our colleagues an "overtime fee".
  • Why is it that certain devices cannot be rented without technical staff?
    Although none of the devices we provide are classified as pyrotechnic or more dangerous machines, their operation requires a certain level of expertise and attention. In most cases, these devices cannot even be started by a layman, because, for example, a DMX signal is required for their proper operation.
  • Is there a day when they don't take on an event?
    As the slogan of one of our partners sounds: "We work where others have fun." We also work on New Year's Eve, so it is very rare that we do not commit to a date. During special periods, there may be an extra charge for the given service, but if we do not accept the date, it will be due to our lack of free capacity.
  • What is the catchment area they work in?
    Of course, we deliver to the entire territory of Hungary, if the travel costs are paid. In the event that you have to go very far from our warehouse, we will take with us as many spares as possible (cabling, extension cords, distributors, spare dance floor panels, etc.) so that we can solve any problems or errors that may arise on the spot.
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